Make your contribution to the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine

Dear friends and partners!

As a result of the russian military aggression against Ukraine, the management of the Charitable Foundation Research Innovations in Medicine «RIMON» has made a decision to establish a new initiative "Solidarity Foundation for the Reconstruction of Medicine in Ukraine"

The raised funds will be directed to
• providing charitable support for the reconstruction of damaged hospitals;

• replacement of damaged equipment for the hospitals;

• providing charitable support to orphanages, boarding schools and boarding houses, family-type orphanages, social rehabilitation schools and juvenile shelters;

• providing charitable support to scientific, educational and cultural institutions;

• providing charitable support to nursing homes for the elderly and disabled;

• providing charitable support to public and non-profit organizations;

• providing charitable support to certain categories of patients.

Every hryvnia metters!

We’ve opened an account for the project and will be publishing online reports on raised funds and charitable support provided by the Solidarity Foundation available on our website, on our partners’ websites and social networks.

The first contribution to the Solidarity Foundation in the amount of UAH 10,000 we have made ourselves!

Make your contribution to the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine!
IBAN (UAH) - UA543052990000026006046226027

IBAN (EUR) - UA193052990000026005016226337

IBAN (USD) - UA733052990000026008026225284
The initiative has already been supported by a number of professional associations we are actively working with and involving other partners.
Make your contribution to the victory and reconstruction of Ukraine!
Everyone of you is making a great contribution to the reconstruction of our country.
We will win together!
Everything will be Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!
Charitable Foundation Research
Innovation in Medicine "RIMON"